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Sustainable living – Stress Management

How to promote stress management in the workplace? Stress in limited quantities and smaller time intervals helps in achieving both personal and organizational goals. Taking...
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VSS Alumni Interview: Sanja Miketić-Curman, PhD

Sanja Miketić-Curman, PhD, VSS Alumni What is your current job position? I am currently the Head of Human Resources (I also manage the department of...
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VSS Faculty Interview: Darko Palacic, PhD

VSS Faculty Interview with Darko Palacic, PhD Darko Palacic, PhD Please briefly introduce yourself and your current position. Darko Palačić, PhD, former student of the...
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From Workplace to Safe Place

Violence at the Workplace It is common to think of violence as a physical assault, but it is so much broader, and often much more...
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VSS Faculty Interview: Dario Gauš

VSS Faculty Interview with Dario Gauš Dario Gauš, VSS Faculty Member Please briefly introduce yourself and your current position. I was born in 1975 and...
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Tips for a better Work-life Balance

Fragile limits of work and private space More than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, the borderline between professional and private life has become blurry –...
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