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Why VSS?

VSS is a truly innovative and leading business and management school that aims at taking education to a new level!

Superior Learning Experience

We are experts in occupational and corporate safety.

We aim at providing a superior learning experience that will have a direct impact on your professional development.

With our unique programs you will strengthen your strategic visionefficiency and leadership to manage today’s organizations.

Our Value Propositions

  • 1. Our programs were designed in partnership with experts in occupational and corporate safety!
  • 2. Our faculty is world renowned and in average majority of them have worked for over 15 years in various international companies
  • 3. We use world class learning management system used by Harvard and MIT
  • 4. We offer high value for the price you will pay
  • 5. We guarantee Swiss Quality Education
  • 6. We will help you to stay competitive in today’s fast-changing world!
  • 7. We promise to help you gain new knowledge and skills that can advance your career
  • 8. We promise you to utilize the latest techniques and technologies, to deliver premium educational content
  • 9. Our students are coming from 72 different countries!
  • 10. We guarantee 100% reimbursement in case you are not satisfied with our programs within the first month !

Amazing Experience

VSS as part of SSBM was established with the objective to offer top-notch knowledge through our world famous faculty. We offer Swiss Quality Education and will help you to take your professional career to a new level but teaching you latest occupational and corporate safety topics from our top faculty members.


Who are VSS students?
Industries in which alumni work
  • Average age28 Years
  • AlumniOver 4.000 students !
  • EmployabilityAlmost 95% of our students finds a job immediately after they graduate!

Premium Knowledge

We will provide you in-depth knowledge of latest theories and methodologies in occupational safety.

Career Boost

You will learn to apply novel, innovative, and creative solutions to complex integral and occupational safety problems.


Our programs fits with working professional busy schedule by providing flexible study structure.

Our goal is to offer premium knowledge by partnering with industry leaders.

SSBM Connect

University of Applied Sciences in Security and Safety will enable you through SSBM to connect with your peers, alumni, students, professors, industry leaders and companies we work with through “SSBM Connect”: a platform where you can engage, interact and socialize with the SSBM community!


Student testimonials

  • A wonderful experience, with excellent and expert professors and excellent lectures. I would recommend to everyone.

    Siniša Maletić
  • The desire for knowledge and quality work in the future profession.

    Lorena Majetić
  • I am extremely satisfied with the competence of the lecturer, the transferred experience and examples from real situations, and the way the teaching material is presented.

    Neven Pijanović
  • The professors and studying itself met all my expectations. VSS is always in step with the modern. That’s why every knowledge we get is offered to it. Modern and professional!
    Matija Tišljar

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