enVeleučilište studija sigurnosti (VSS)
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enVeleučilište studija sigurnosti (VSS)
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What job positions are available after completing VSS?

What jobs are available after completing a degree in Occupational Safety and Health?

A degree in Occupational Safety and Health provides various employment opportunities, depending on the interest of the students. Safety must be provided to employees and customers, long-term safety in terms of environmental awareness, or the risk of sudden events such as earthquakes and fires that can affect the building in which the work is performed should be considered. The place of work can also be a vehicle or an open space such as a construction site where it is even more difficult to establish controlled conditions. Even a company as a legal entity requires protection of its business, protection of data and transactions, or protection of its assets.

Possible job placements after completing a specialization:

  • Head of Corporate Security
  • Information or Cyber-security Specialist
  • Environmental Expert
  • Work in an agency, institute or ministry
  • Academic researcher
  • Independent consultant / expert associate
  • Work protection specialist
  • Protector of people and property
  • Fire Chief

Acting within the framework of the European Union, many of our development priorities have been redefined and we have been forced to ensure extremely high standards when it comes to security in any sense. There are large investments in the field of waste management, transition to green energy, data protection, ensuring physically and mentally acceptable working conditions. Employers recognize the necessity and importance of this deficient sector, which has a bright future in the coming period.