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VSS Alumni Interview: Zoran Gorički

Zoran Gorički, Zapovjednik vatrogasne postaje, VSS Alumni

What is your current job position?

Commander of the fire station in the Public Fire Brigade of Zagreb.

What major did you complete, and are you employed in the same field today?

I completed a specialist study in the field of Fire Protection and I am currently employed in the same profession.

Why did you decide to study this field and do you believe that this is the profession of the future?

Since I was already working as a firefighter, I decided to enroll in the Fire Protection course to combine the operative I had been working on until then, with the prevention that I wanted to learn about and improve on.

What are the three things that you benefited from at VSS?

I progressed in my job to a managerial position.

I fell in love with the profession and I am continuously improving myself.

I became a lecturer that I did not even think about when I enrolled in VSS.

What was your biggest student concern at VSS and does it make sense now?

I honestly had no student concerns, I willingly studied and everything went smoothly.

Can you highlight a specific situation that made you proud of the job that you do?

It is nice when you meet students from your lectures and they call you professor.

What advice would you give to potential students that are thinking of applying to VSS?

Slowly, you get far! Enroll in VSS and everything will get back to you as well as your work will quickly pay off.